May 12, 2017

Traveling To Protests

Those of you who are traveling to protests to go mess with Antifa are wasting your time and money.  Let them go trash universities and cities run by statists, and inconvenience the residents of same.

You should instead be concentrating on what's going on in your backyard, and learning/perfecting the skills necessary to survive after the balloon goes up.


  1. Thank you for saying this. I see too many people "on the right" who are actually encouraging people on "our side" to get involved with this crapola. You have more sense than most, Sparks.

    1. Well, it's just common sense. For example, this weekend I've got to get ready for my next class on Memorial Day, set some posts and fencing in the back yard in the garden, cut down a couple of dead trees on the property, and convert them to firewood. Then there is the usual technical experimentation I do every late afternoon/evening, and family time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and God gave us a limited number of them.

      Protest followers need to get a life, because there are better things to do with one's time then go screw around with a bunch of stupid trust fund kiddies. Especially if one is not ready to ride a long-term storm out.