May 12, 2017

TEOTWAWKI, Zombie Apocalypse, SHTF, and Other Bullshit Survivalist Terms

They're all bullshit, and using those terms is just escapist fantasy.  If you're a true survivalist, you already know how much of a fractured, unrepairable mess this country is in, that logic says eventually even band-aids like President Trump will no longer stop the slow bleeding, and yet the powers that be have an amazing ability to keep kicking the can down the road.  Accept those simple facts, and prepare accordingly without having to resort to all the BS that fails horribly in its attempt to make survivalist activities politically correct.  You want to see Zombies? Take a walk down the street of any decent-sized American city, and you'll see them.  Or take a look at some of your co-workers.  Nice enough people for the most part until their precious status quo gets threatened, and then they'll be at your throat in an instant.  That's life these days.

So what do you do?  Work towards living as self-reliant a lifestyle as you can, achieve as high a level of preparedness against natural and man-made disasters you can, live your life the right way and otherwise try to be a decent person, listen to Atlas, and just shrug.

Just shrug.  That's probably the best first piece of advice I could give you after 30 years of doing this....

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