May 12, 2017

Some Of fhe Best Survivalist Books Ever

There are only 20,000+ books out there on various survivalist topics. Some are good, some suck, and most are average.  Here are some of my favorites.

I have to thank my friend Wildflower for turning me on to this book back in the early 1990s. My original copy went missing a few years back, and I replaced it for $7 off Amazon.  I've mentioned this book before, and like everything else out of print I've talked about, Amazon vendors took advantage of the notoriety and jacked the prices way up.  Barnes and Noble vendors are less expensive by an order of (the) magnitude, but still a hefty amount.

Dean Ing packs a whole bunch of good ideas in this little mass market paperback, and it's one of those books that just makes you think the right way.  I wish he would get this one back in print, or write an updated edition.  Is it worth what Amazon vendors are asking for it right now?  If I lost my current copy and had the disposable funds available, I'd order a replacement.  Most of you are going to see the asking price and turn away.  The smarter among you will keep your eyes open at used bookstores, flea markets, et al for a copy that costs a few bucks.  I'm sure they exist.

This was another Wildflower recommendation.  I don't subscribe to Backwoods Home, and only occasionally buy a copy of the magazine off the shelf.  What I do is buy copies of the yearly anthologies when I remember to do so.  Lots of good general and specific self-reliance and preparedness information in these. You'll learn a lot from them.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
A bit of self-promotion here.  Purportedly some of the stories in here have caused readers to go take a shit on their supervisor's desk, chuck their corporate ID down a sewer grate, and go shack up in the high desert with some hippie artist chick.  I'm pleading the Fifth, but sure hope so.

First of the two books that started it all for me.  A must have with a ton of useful information.

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