May 12, 2017


If you are a Republicrat in a Demopublician state, you need to move before your opposition neighbors turn you in for something stupid that wouldn't be an issue in a more civilized state, such as littering aaaaand......having a big gun collection along with the odd piece of World War II German memorabilia. In places like New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, the opposition outnumbers you 2:1, which means you pretty much have no chance to vote your way out of the mess unless the voter demographic changes in a drastic manner. In the meantime, your own personal income is being taxed to fund the war against you. Living in such a place when there are better places within moving distance is stupid, and I'm not advocating anything I haven't done myself, 2100 miles of done myself to be specific.

If you live in an urban area, you have to decide whether the convenience of living close to everything among all those people outweighs the problems you will run into when they turn in zombies. When the shit hits the fan, you will be trapped, will not have enough ammo to shoot your way out of the city, and should you escape you will probably not be welcome as a refugee in the country,  especially if you have nothing to contribute to a small rural community. 

As far as I'm concerned, there are only two really important considerations
for a state that you might want to move to. The first is a lack of state personal
income tax. A state should be able to run its operations without having to put a
tax on the money you earn working for a living, and nine states do this. The
second is constitutional carry. A person has the fundamental right to self­
defense, and should be able to strap on a sidearm for personal protection, and
carry it either openly or concealed without having to ask for permission from the government. Eleven states respect their citizens enough to have constitutional carry.

Here is a list of all states that have no state personal income tax, and/or have
constitutional carry. Included is their nationwide ranking in population density.
I have also included the 10 original candidates of the first Free State Project vote for those of you who wish to do additional research.

State         - No Income Tax - Constitutional Carry - FSP - Density
Alaska                Y                          Y                             Y        50
Arizona                N                         Y                             N        33
Delaware              N                        N                             Y         6
Florida                 Y                         N                             N        8
Idaho                   N                         Y                             Y        44
Kansas                 N                         Y                             N        41
Maine                  N                         Y                             Y         38
Mississippi           N                         Y                             N        32
Missouri               N                        Y                             N         28
Montana               N                        N                             Y         48
Nevada                  Y                        N                            N        42
New Hampshire   Y                        Y                             Y         21
North Dakota        N                        N                             Y         47
South Dakota        N                        N                             Y         46
Tennessee             Y                        N                             N        20
Texas                    Y                        N                             N        26
Vermont                N                       Y                              Y        31
Washington           Y                        N                             N        24
West Virginia        N                        Y                             N        29
Wyoming             Y                        Y                             Y         49

Of the 21 states, there were only three that met all my requirements. They
are Alaska, New Hampshire, and Wyoming. Two of those states rank the lowest
in population density, and the third ranks at 21. Interestingly enough the third
state won the FSP vote, and is currently a battleground between libertarian and
statist political elements. Also note the lack of representation from the
“Appalachian Redoubt,” with only West Virginia making the list because of
constitutional carry.

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