April 27, 2017

May Class Update

For full information on classes available, please see http://sparks-31.blogspot.com/2017/04/sparks31-2017-class-schedule-and.html

I will be sending out the specifics for the May 27-28 Basic Down-Grid Class this weekend.  If you have signed up, and don't have it in your inbox by Sunday evening, please send me an email - sparks31commo@gmail.com

There are still a couple weeks available for you to take advantage of the prepaid enrollment discount for this class.  It takes a First Class letter about a week at most to get here from most parts of the country.  Otherwise, you can spent the extra $6-$7 and toss it in a priority mail envelope for it to get here in a couple days.

If you can't make it on Memorial Day weekend, there will be a Basic Down-Grid Class every month until the fall.  Check the schedule for details.

See you in class.

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