March 8, 2017

Issue #8 Editorial

Issue #8 will be out next week on the 15th.  Articles include info on QRP operation, radio repair, and a new column by your's truly called The Outland.  

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In the meantime, here is the editorial from Issue #8:

Signal-3 Issue #8 Editorial

It has been almost two years since I started this experiment known as SIGnal-3. Ancient history in the short-term memory of the InteNET and World Wide WEB, but relatively recent considering my 30 year career writing in the technological enthusiast and preparedness genres. Funny that, back in 1987 we considered the Russians an enemy, and President Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate in (West) Berlin and exhorted Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall!”

Those who do not study and remember history are doomed to repeat it. I remember the “unorganized militia” movement of the 1990s, and how it collapsed after a few high profile members gave informants enough information to result in indictments and convictions. Flash forward to 2016 and a group of “Three Percenters” make the same mistakes in Malheur Oregon. What makes the 2016 Malheur Debacle even more egregious is that the late founder of the “Three Percent” movement gave out specific advice, based on lessons learned from the 1990s, that would have likely prevented the entire unfortunate sequence of events from occurring. What's even more tragic is that in meeting more than a few self-proclaimed “threepers” across the United States, that level of (willfull?) ignorance appears to be the norm instead of the exception among those who publicly self-identify with that term. With Obama now off enjoying the benefits of the Ex-Presidents Club, many of them have gone to sleep, although the more hardcore are convinced that Donald Trump is, despite the populist start to his term of office, in on the proverbial New World Order scam. On the other side of the fence, the nominal left-wingers are convinced he is a fellow socialist, albeit of the old German National Workers variety, and are working hard towards gaining priority admittance into the facilities all good Nazi's have a historical reputation for building. So far, all they've done is piss off their fellow Americans by adding delays to their daily work commute, and getting themselves locked up in common jails and prisons instead of the more prestigious internment facilities. Stupid if ask me, because now with Cuba opened to American tourism, one does not need a government-paid plane ticket on a bare-bones C-130 to the island and be limited to Gitmo during their stay, when the stipend from their trust fund is more than adequate to fly commercial and see more of the place. Although the cigars have purportedly gone down-hill when they stopped using Connecticut River Valley tobacco leaf wrappers.

As a writer, particularly one who has transitioned from non-fiction to fiction, I have found Google searches and archive.org1 to be very interesting and useful tools for doing research. As interesting as my weekly visits to the local used bookstore, trading posts, junk stores, antique shops, occasional library book sale, and the in-between places that I use to define the region I call Interzone. When I first started work on this publication, I performed a Google search to see if anyone else was using the name. The “3” in Signal-3 was originally supposed to represent the 3% movement, because back then I thought things would be different this time around. I was wrong in that regard, but I digress. What I did find was that Signal(3) is a FreeBSD2 library function for “quit program.”(!)

One of the cool things I discovered when learning computer programming3 as a kid, was that if one didn't like the way a program ran, or if a bug was discovered, one could, if they had the skills, stop it and rewrite the program to make it better. Small-scale reality engineering in silicon, bits, and bytes.
TThis also applies to other creative ventures one is engaged in. We all have the capability to stop a defective program operating in a buggy manner, and rewrite the source code to make it work better. Your soul/mind construct is actually a carbon-based quantum computer, and you are the programmer, not just an end-user consuming CONtent off the global frequency network.

The word “signal” indicates communications, a transfer of knowledge and information. Signal also has the Germanic element “sig” in it, which means “victory.” Signals are the means to victory against ignorance. At first you see, as if through a scanner darkly, but then face to face: now you know in part; but then you shall know even as you are becoming known. Knowledge begets self-reliance, which begets freedom. Ignorance begets dependence, which begets slavery. Which will you choose? When someone goes out of their way to promote the latter over the former, what will you do?

SIG is also an abbreviation for “special interest group”. This was the term used by computer clubs that specialized in a particular aspect of the hobby. It actually goes back to 1961 when it was first used by the Association for Computing Machinery, and was made popular by the the old-school online service Compuserve.

After the last two years of watching what amounts to a 25 year long clown funeral, it's time to engage the interrupt, quit the program, and reset the counter to zero.


  1. Fantastic opening. I cannot wait to read the rest of the issue!

  2. Methinks a nice little EMP would fix a lot of what is happening in the Deep State at the moment. That would almost guarantee a big reset.

    There is no question that that is extreme and if you read "One Second After", you are aware of the collateral damage, pain and suffering that would accompany such an event.

    Wrench Clear on your final... 73

  3. Looking forward to number 8.