February 15, 2017

Victory Against Ignorance - The Five Meter Liberation Army

"A man of the '30s awakens one night in the '90s with a new mission: recapture 56-60 mc. He forms a Five Meter Liberation Army from his mobile home in a Barrio trailer park run by Tom Joad of Steinback's Grapes of Wrath, and soon draws a decidedly uncolorful bodyguard. A six foot tall half Mexican stockbroker named for Ayn Rand makes him rich and a demonic white ferret and a half-siamese cat become his familiars. The leader of all this, called only "Frank," settles down in the narrator's basement to be joined by Maj. Armstrong, Hiram Maxim and one-time pals Carl and Jerry from the 1950s Popular Electronics. His huge 1940s sedan, with contemporary plates, is immune from police and his breadboarded electronic creations recall those distant days when a ham built his own rig and could "fix a radio." Of course all this is crazy. No one builds anything anymore and the other things Frank stands for, like self- reliance, tolerance and a generally Boy Scout viewpoint are simply out of step. Frank knows that too, but he does not care. If you're standing in the middle of the road and see a big brown Frazer coming at you, you better jump - one way or the other."
 Plenty of interesting tidbits in this one...  


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