February 15, 2017

Count Zero Interrupt

On receiving an interrupt, decrement the counter to zero.


  1. As a William Gibson fan from the 80's, I'm sure you remember the exploits of "Count Zero" as he was known back in the FidoNet and 2600 days.. Never got to meet him face to face, but traded posts with him on some of the linked boards. Good to see the phrase picked up again :)

    1. Somewhere in the aether, there is a picture of me, from a couple of decades ago, standing on top of a pile of old TSPS operator consoles and other metal scrap, from when Count Zero, Brian Oblivion, Kingpin, and I went dumpster diving in a junk yard a couple of blocks away from what was to become the original l0pht location.

      Lived in Boston (Auburndale actually)for a year. Was great being able to hit the MIT Flea every month during the summer, and the hacker scene was full of awesome people, but I otherwise couldn't stand living in Massachusetts.