January 1, 2017

(Kinda Sorta) Happy New Year

Happy New Year. In a few weeks, President-Elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office. That may give the country a four year stay of execution, if his campaign was not a scam and if the majority of CONgress cooperates with him. The new administration is already off to a rocky start with many of the same members of the old-boy network that helped screw things up in the first place being recruited, various so-called “left wing” groups ramping up their protest and propaganda apparatus, and the usual protected minority group suspects acting up in public places. Not to mention the current lame duck POTUS pissing off the Russians and American gun owners as his first parting shots to the country who decided his party's choice was not the lesser of two evils. The reality is that a simple change in the leader of the executive branch of our government in and of itself is not going to fix this country. The legislative branch needs to get off their ass too, and 4-8 years may be enough time to get things started in the right direction if a majority decides to cooperate. For you, Joe Average, the realistic effects of this are simply and only two-fold.

The first effect is that “gun control” legislation, that is, legislation that impinges on your God-given right to arm yourself for sustainment, personal protection, and defense against a whole assortment of bad actors1, might be slowed or halted for the next 4-8 years, giving you the opportunity to get anything you might be missing, in particular stock up on parts, ammo and reloading supplies to keep your smoke-poles going. At some point in the not too distant future, I'll be giving my take on that from what I've learned and done over the years. There really are no right or wrong answers for this, and a lot of it is based on where you live and hunt. The key word however is “sustainability.” And with that word, I get to the second effect…

More important than getting your gun gear in order, is using that 4-8 year stay of execution towards getting your personal life in order. If you are reading this, and you live in what is now called the “Blue Archipelago,” you need to move your ass to someplace Red. Blue regions are bad, and will get worse, especially if you don't go along with the majority there. Most Red regions afford a better overall lifestyle, and will welcome you as long as you're not a total cock-walloping asshole. The artificial “economy” looks like it will be getting a boost for a while. That means you should be able to find a job that increases your income level, and affords you the ability to better get your act together. This country is now down-grid in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged-style, and the smart person will acknowledge that fact and proceed accordingly. Do you have a decent paying job that pays your bills and affords you a little extra to help get your shit together? Good. Now do you engage in something during your free time that enables you to learn a decent practical skill, and might be able to provide a source of part-time or post-collapse income? If not, you better get on it! It doesn't matter what it is. Just. Do. It. The country needs more hobby blacksmiths, leather-workers, basket weavers, electronic tinkers, welders, rabbit breeders, gunsmiths, etc. etc. etc. When you become really good at it, I mean approaching professional level, then you can trade the products and services from your hobbies for other products and services from your neighbors who have different hobbies. I have seen this work with my own eyes. Barter = Freedom. It will also help with your resettlement from a Blue Hellhole to God's Country.

So despite the proclamations of many, matters in this country are not “all good” now because a seemingly populist candidate was elected into office, and his nominal political party2 achieved a majority in the legislative branch. Don't go to sleep. If you are not in a sustainable location outside the Blue Archipelago, you need to get there. If you are not working your way towards self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and preparedness among other like-minded individuals, you need to start. If you do not have a hobby or two that you not only enjoy doing, but can translate into part-time income in the future, you should work on that.

1 The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution only acknowledges that right, and even then they weasel-worded it when they had to write it down. You were born with it when God and your parents brought you into this world. You exercise it by killing bad people who try to do bad things to you, by declaring “not guilty” when you're a juror in a trial for some unfortunate person being wrongly prosecuted for doing same, and by using the ballot and soap boxes to remove bad politicians from office so they don't screw things up further. The Bill of Rights by itself is really only a bunch of words on paper. Its power comes from a people who will accept nothing less, and are willing to fight for it.
2 Remember, and never forget, how the Republican establishment fought him tooth and nail before he won the Primary, and how many acted the same even after he won.


  1. Sounds pretty accurate to me.
    Smart folks will use the reprieve, the rest will grow complacent (at their peril).
    Learn, make yourself useful, build your "community" toward self sufficiency.
    I highly recommend folks learn useful chemistry, mining and metallurgy skills. The guy that can make sulfuric acid, the fellow that can get the abandoned coal mine going is going to be a prosperous fellow, the guy who know where to get salt liable to be richest of all.

  2. DC at this point is not fixable no matter who gets elected. What concerns me more is getting the establishment politicians out of Cheyenne and our county governments. Even though Wyoming is a red state, theres plenty of work here to do.