December 19, 2016

Hacking Tools

As per a reader request on WRSA.

Last time I used one these professionally, it was OphCrack on a medium-sized corporate LAN that we thought was pretty secure and supposedly had an educated user base.  Took about 30 minutes to shred its way through everything, and radically changed my opinion of the system and its users.

Do not run these on a network without permission.


  1. Many years ago I worked for a cable company as a Unix admin. I periodically ran John The Ripper on our bastion host to ensure that nobody was using weak passwords. If I could crack your password, I locked your account. The first time I ran it I ended up locking about half a dozen accounts. I think I only locked one or two after that.

  2. when did any hacker ever asked permission?



    1. Never, but if I didn't put in the disclaimer, some idiot's lawyer would claim I told his client to go play where he didn't belong.