November 27, 2016

Why listening is more important than transmitting

You have heard it said on this blog and others that listening is >2X as important as transmitting. No one, however has gone into details why that is so. Until now. Here is why: The establishment mass media machine has their own agenda. It is not about the Right vs. the Left. It is not about the Republicians vs. the Democrats. Who is in office does not matter one bit. It is about freedom and liberty versus statism and totalitarianism. And the establishment mass media machine is the number one weapon that the bad guys use against you. Then there is the other side. Most of the media sources that are supposed to be on your side are really not. They are on the side of their owners, and persuing whatever agenda their owner sees fit. Think about that the next time you read some hysterical garment-rending emotional “news” story from a “conservative” news site. Some of those stories, we have found out, have been totally incorrect after some basic research was done to check their accuracy.

What can you do? You can collect the raw information yourself and analyze it with your tribe to see how it really affects you. That is why you should own and use both police scanners and shortwave receivers. The police scanner will let you know what's going on locally. The shortwave receiver will give you news and information from alternative news and information sources that are not controlled by the establishment mass media machine. With the two, you can figure out what's going on and how it's going to really affect you, if at all.

Just recently, the establishment mass media machine and fake/inaccurate news sites have thrown America into a tail-spin, first with the election, then with left-wing riots (although they called them “protests”), then with the president-elect's cabinet “choices”, and now with vote recount requests in a few states. Think about it. How does that stuff really affect you? Will it stop you from putting a bullet in bad people coming to do bad things to you? Will it stop you from learning how to grow your own food, and fix your own stuff? How does it help you with what might be going on in your own locale that will affect you more? The answer is that it doesn't.

You need to be responsible for your own well-being, and also proactive about it. By listening in to what's around you, you find out about stuff that has more of a chance of really being a problem to you. If you'd like to learn the full details on how to set up your own news, information, and collection systems, please subscribe to Signal-3.


  1. Out of curiosity, let's say a person wanted to listen to everything going on and had no desire to transmit. But, they also want to just have a one-click solution to getting the radio/antennae that wouuld give them the most options and versatility. What would you recommend and why?

  2. There isn't any one-click solution for the person who wants to listen to everything going on.
    My recommendation would be to subscribe to Signal-3 so you could get some knowledge and be able to evaluate your requirements. Do this before you start spending money on equipment, and you'll save yourself a lot of grief.