October 23, 2016

Thank you, Oathkeepers.

Your copying my material, right down to calling it "grid-down communications", for your seminar is the best compliment I've received in a while.  It also confirms that stupid woman you sent from Colorado to my class was a spy.  Next time sent someone better.  She was the worst student in the class for that session.  Keep that in mind when you're using my old material for your seminar.  I'll guarantee something will be lost in the translation.  In the meantime, you can answer a few questions for me:

1.  If you needed commo help, why not just man up and ask instead of sneaking around like that?  Are you afraid of something, or are you up to something hinky?

2.  Does your oath to uphold the Constitution include the provisions of Section 8, Paragraphs 15 & 16, or did you forget about those ones?

The first time is always free, but goodwill only goes so far.  If I discover any of my new material from this point on being used by the Oathkeepers without asking my permission first and paying a royalty fee, a lawsuit will result.  Considering what happened to the 3per scene after I got pissed off over the stupidity of some of their "affiliates", you may want to consider your next actions very carefully.

Anyone can put together a seminar and call it "grid-down communications" or whatever.  Most of them are copying my old material.  That's fine, I released it under Creative Commons.  However, they won't have the results of my latest research.  You can only get that by subscribing to Signal-3, which is being released in less than two weeks.  Now ask yourself the following question:

Does the "expert" holding the seminar have not only decades of experience in the field, and the years experience teaching it, but also a fully-stocked R&D lab and research library to come up with new stuff?

I do.

Wouldn't you prefer to learn the latest from someone who is creating his own new, fresh material instead of the old regurgitated stuff?

If you would, then please subscribe to Signal-3.


  1. I spent 4 years as a member of Oath Keepers...I advertised that I was an Extra-class operator...was given a national comms contact...who NEVER responded to my inquiry.

    Yet in 4 years I was no better connected in comma with the organization then before I joined them. I got more in 1 year with AMRRON and am getting my fill with Signal-3.

  2. Not all who "keep" oaths are honorable. But you know that.