October 28, 2016

Save your money. Buy it right the first time.

I am getting sick and tired of hearing the lame excuse of "it only cost $30" from people who bought those Baofeng HTs because they didn't know any better at the time.

I was at the local farmers co-op today, and saw these:
 They were $2 a box.  $30 will get you fifteen boxes of them.

If you have $30 to blow in your pocket, what would be the better choice, a Chinese-made radio that is a pain in the ass to use, and that'll just sit worthlessly on the shelf, or 15 boxes of a useful product that may save your life?

A lot of you bemoan your poor financial situations, and I understand, being there right now after having my income cut almost in half from my layoff in March and subsequent part-time reemployment.

Most Chinese HTs are of mediocre quality, and difficult to use.

Also, despite what others have said, a dual-band VHF/UHF ham HT is probably one of your worst choices for a first radio, no matter how cheap it is.

That applies even more so if you have no intention of getting an amateur radio license and think you're just going to turn it on and use it if something happens.

Especially when that $30 can get you a large supply of life-saving strike-anywhere matches.

Think you have a need communications gear, but no knowledge and idea of where to start?

Want to know the inexpensive alternatives to that useless HT?

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