September 5, 2016

What don't you know? - Part 4: Tower Site Sleuthing and Antenna Analysis

If you came across this antenna installation, would you recognize it's type, frequency band(s), and probable function?  Would you be able to tell if it's operational, or not?  How relevant is it to your SIGINT plan based on your EEI?  Do you even have a SIGINT plan based on your EEI, and is it realistic?
If the answers to any of these questions are "no", then you still have a ways to go before you can consider yourself skilled enough when it comes to down-grid communications.

Chances are, especially if you are a communications newbie, you don't even  know what you don't know when it comes to stuff like that.  How would you learn how to answer those questions on your own?  How can you figure out what you don't know?

That's where Signal-3 comes in, and you can find out the answers in an upcoming issue. Signal-3 is an electronic technical newsletter focusing on resilient "down-grid" communications and other technological aspects of self-reliance and preparedness.  It is delivered via an email link in PDF format.

How to Order:

Subscriptions are $50/12 issues, payable via the following means:
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Don't let ignorance be your downfall.

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