September 12, 2016

What the Dark Future Holds

 Our problems will not go away on November 9th.

If Clinton gets elected, expect things to get much worse, quickly.

If Trump gets elected, expect the establishment, including the establishment Republicans who fought his nomination to the bitter end, to fight him on every little thing.  That will cause things to get much worse, quickly.  The other possibility here is that Trump has been part of the great scam since the beginning, and then you can still expect things to get much worse, quickly.

The Libertarian party candidate, who only gets fringe and protest votes and who will never get elected in our present society, can not even be considered to be a true libertarian in my opinion. It seems like the national LP has been co-opted or taken over

None of it matters, and here is why.

You still have some time to get things in order.  Rome did not fall in a day, and neither will the United States.

Right now you should be taking whatever spare money you have after living expenses and buying a box or two of ammo in your calibers of choice.  Or you should be buying an extra case or some extra cans of whatever you normally buy on shopping day. Out here, one of our regional chains is now in the middle of their canned food case sale.  Or buy an extra bucket or two of freeze-dried food from Wise, Mountain House, Emergency Essentials, or wherever you prefer to get your stuff from.

Also, just as important, you should be getting together your communications and information collection systems.  And you should be practicing with them at least once a week.  Do you have a police scanner and shortwave receiver? Are you using them regularly? Have you and the members of your group/tribe/extended family/voluntary association decided on what your down-grid communications system will be? Do you even know where to begin?  When it comes to technical topics such as communications and information gathering, it's not so much what you know, but rather what you don't know. Because it's what you don't know that will be more likely to hurt you.

So how can you get up to speed, and fix your ignorance, when it comes to communications and information gathering?

Starting in 2017, I will be once again offering my Grid-Down Communications Class at locations across the United States.  This is a two-day class held both in an indoor classroom (day one) and out in a field location (day two) Topics include:
  • Considerations for Grid-Down/Resilient Communications
  • Equipment Selection
    • Radios
    • Antennas
    • Basic Off-Grid Electric Power
    • Basic Test Equipment
  • VHF/UHF Communications Monitoring
    • Equipment Selection
    • Low-Level Voice Intercept Operations
    • Basic Radio Direction Finding
No equipment or prior knowledge is required to attend this class.  All you need is a notebook, writing implement, and a willingness to learn as much as possible.
2017 Schedule (Last updated September 10, 2016)
Riverton, WY - 5/27-5/28/2017
Timonium, MD - 6/17-6/18/2017
Tulsa, OK - 11/11-11/12/2017
Concord, NH - TBD October 2017
Pennsylvania - TDB 2017
Maryland - TDB 2017
South Texas - TDB 2017
Appalachia - TDB 2017
Pacific Northwest - TDB 2017

Specific locations and dates for PA, MD, TX, Appalachia, and PacNW are still open.  If you have a specific location in these areas you'd like to see a class at, please contact me -

The cost for the two-day class is $200/person for all classes except Wyoming. The Wyoming class is available to all for a nominal donation of what you can afford.  An initial $20 deposit is all that's required to reserve a slot, with full payment due no later than 30 days before the class start date.

Payment Link For Non-Wyoming Classes


Donation Link For Wyoming Class

For those of you who can't make or afford the class, you can subscribe to the Signal-3 Newsletter, which is resuming publication in November. Signal-3 is an electronic technical newsletter focusing on resilient  "down-grid" communications and other technological aspects of self-reliance and preparedness.  It is delivered via an email link in PDF format.

All future technical content will appear in the newsletter.  So if you want to receive the latest technical information from the original 3% down-grid prepper communications guru, this is your only opportunity.

How to Order:

Subscriptions are $50/12 issues, payable via the following means:
Paypal - Click here to subscribe.

Cash or Payee Blank US Postal Money Order only sent to:

TAC Enterprises LLC
PO Box 1351
Riverton, WY 82501
Cash subscriptions get a $10 discount.
Regaredless of who gets elected this year, our problems will not go away. Now is the time to prepare so you can weather out the dark future to come.

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