September 16, 2016

AP3per - No, you're not.

Taken from actual conversations with a local (organized) "3%per" group who was advertising and recruiting at a recent "prepper con.":
  • Don't claim to be a 3per, and backpedal when you get told just what being a 3per entails.
  • If you were going to drop the "3%" monkier/description, don't you think you should have done that before you advertised yourself at the convention?
  • Stockpiling food in non-sustainable (most urban) environments is an invitation to fail.
  • There is a big difference between riding out a winter storm and long-term preparedness/self-reliance, despite the opinion of some novice.
The name of the group is APIII% Wyoming, and based on my observations I suggest you stay the hell away from them.

In the meantime, before you start adopting the name "3%", you might want to read some of the late founder's words on the subject:

and specifically

For the record, I'm not a 3%er as one's role as a public figure, writer/educator, and occasional pundit greatly reduces one's effectiveness in an operational context.  However, I concur intellectually with the late Mr. Vanderbough's opinions on the matter.

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