August 9, 2016

You want the best squad radios? Here they are.

These are the best squad radios you can buy:

They are Motorola DTR-650s.  They operate on the 902-928 MHz. band with frequency hopping spread spectrum and Iden modulation.  That means no (ham) license is needed to use them, and police scanners won't be able to receive them.  They are the most secure commercial off-the-shelf radio a civilian can own.  I have personally tested them, and reviewed them in a 2007 issue of the now-defunct Popular Communications magazine.  You can read the review here.

Need a headset for the radio?  Here they are:

The DTR is a commercial-grade, Mil-Spec piece of equipment.  That means it can take abuse and still work.  You can buy cheap junk that you can't figure out how to program, or you can do it right the first time and buy these.  Anyone with a Signal Sweeper/Close Call Scanner can have the transmit frequency on your Baofeng or other ham HT within 3 seconds.  I showed that exact technique at my last Down-Grid Workshop.

If you cannot make it to Wyoming for a workshop, or are too far away, you can still take advantage of the continually-updating knowledge base built on 30 years of experience in electronic communications, including professional work  with electronic systems ranging from land mobile radio to electronic security/surveillance, and hobby research with one of the premiere hacker think tanks, by subscribing to the Signal-3 Newsletter.  We will be resuming publication on November 5th. in electronic format, based on the overwhelming feedback we received from subscribers.


  1. Wow! Just got my Baofengs in last week... I wonder if I can sell them for 50% of what I have into them? This is great information.

  2. Picked up the Cobra MR hh450's per your recommendation