August 14, 2016

You get what you pay for.

I was talking with a friend of mine about the cognitive dissonance many 3pers and preppers seem to have when it comes to communications equipment versus other gear.

Let's say someone purchases an M4orgery variant of the AR-15 carbine/MSR.  How much have they spent after everything is said and done.

  • AR-15 rifle - The local pawn shop has some good flat-top AR-style carbines for $1000.
  • A good set of optics to go with it will set you back at least $300. 
  • You'll need at least 10 magazines to start with, at $15 each. 10x$15=$150
  • One thousand rounds of .223 62gr FMJ is about $400
  • A decent set of LBE to carry your loadout is about $60

Rifle:       $1000
Optics:        300
Magazines:  150
Ammo:        400
LBE:             60
Total:       $1910

Getting yourself kitted out with a decent AR-15 setup is going to cost you almost $2000.

Comparatively speaking, a pair of Motorola DTR650s (one for you and a partner) with earpiece microphones and good quality holsters will cost you:

DTR650, 2@$215ea.:       $430
Earpiece mic, 2@$12ea.:   $24
Radio Holster, 2@$20ea.:   $40
Total:                              $494

The best squad radios you can buy will cost you about a quarter of what you spent on your rifle setup.

However, despite spending thousands on high-quality weaponry and field gear, some people still see fit to buy the cheapest, worst quality communications gear they can get, made in a hostile country.

Don't be that person.


  1. Absolutely. I'd argue the same point on Night Vision as well.

    Dudes will literally have a safe full of rifles, and no Commo or NODs.

    And, while a little more horsepower would be nice, there are absolutely a lot of advantages to the low power of the DTRs.

    Surfin' the noise floor should be the SOP for anyone wanting to avoid making waves...

    The DTRs are a helluva lot of a radio for the money.

  2. The biggest problem I see with the prepper culture is the "good enough" attitude and the race to the bottom with cheap radios, no self education , and the do as little as possible with junk just to feel good.

    A few of us out there have the same attitudes as found here but unfortunately the mass movement is about cheap radios, parts gun AR rifles or $200 AK clones, a lack of motivation to learn how anything works and to have a room full of junk hoping at some point they might be able to get anything to work.

    They don't realize they are stockpiling junk for someone else to find

  3. Tom, do you have any articles where you talk at length about the DTR650? I'm interested in the hows and whys, but a search didn't turn up anything. Thanks.