August 9, 2016

Probably the Best Prepper, I Mean Survivalist, Radio.

Preppers, actually I prefer the term survivalists, have different requirements for communications than say the 3%/"unorganized militia" types.  What to get, then?
If you want something even more basic, this would work too:
Both of these are pretty good radios.  The difference is that the Uniden 980 (the first one) has single-sideband capability which gives you about 8 times more efficiency in your power output as opposed to AM.  The Uniden 510 (the second one) is AM-only, but is in a nice small form factor that's a favorite among Jeep owners.

Figuring out your communications requirements among all the material (some incorrect) on the Internet is tricky.  Fortunately, Sparks31 has distilled 30 years of practical experience into a newsletter, and workshops for you to take advantage of. 


  1. I switched all of my 11 meter band radios to the 980, they don't drift off frequency like so many other name brands

  2. Thanks for the info. I'll keep the 980 in mind for my next buy.....