August 10, 2016

Ignorance is dangerous.

Although I know the Internet has a short memory and attention span, anyone remember these?

It was touted about a year ago as being the ultimate IIIper radio, and wound up disappointing a lot of folks. It was supposed to be a combination dual-band ham/shortwave receiver/land mobile/GMRS/MURS radio with frequency hopping spread spectrum.  As a ham HT they were a decent radio, despite being made in a country that is not only hostile to the United States, but well on its way to owning the country.  In the end, they were no different than any other ChiCom radio, albeit built better than those Baofengs everyone keeps buying despite being probably the worst radio out there.  The radio's two most-hyped features, MURS Part 95 type-acceptance and frequency hopping spread spectrum, turned out to be total vaporware.  If the engineer who designed the radio took the time to actually read Part 95, he/she would have known that Part 95 acceptance on a ham or LMR radio is impossible.  Likewise, the failed attempt at FHSS would have put users at severe risk if they depended on the feature for COMSEC.

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1 comment:

  1. A buddy has one. While it absolutely outshines the other Chicom radios, his is sitting around collecting dust.

    For some monitoring applications, it's decent, but I was also pretty pissed about the "FHSS" capabilities, or rather, lack thereof.