August 26, 2016

Don't attend the Koran protest in Gillette, Wyoming this weekend. Do something productive instead.

Some group has planned an anti-Koran protest in Gillette, Wyoming this weekend.  Don't waste your time. In fact, don't waste your time with any type of protest.  You can be doing far more productive things with your time.  Like training, or improving your kit, or buying ammo or other fiddly bits you're going to need when the time comes.

For starters, the protest will accomplish nothing productive.  Most protester-types on our side of the fence totally lack the necessary training in psychological operations, propaganda, and what the military calls "civil affairs" to do it right.  With that said, if any of you protest organizers went through AIT for MOS 37F, 38B, or something similar send me a copy of your DD214 and I will publicly apologize for calling you a fucking idiot.  And don't tell me you were an 88M attached to SOCOM under the XVIII Corps., or some nonsense like that.

Second, protests telegraph intent and out you to the OPFOR at the same time. These are things that no professional or competent individual does. Both are a bad thing, and should be avoided.

What makes this protest especially egregious is that there are three events this weekend that actually have the potential to be productive.  They are:

So instead of wasting your time on the gayfishery of some ineffectual symbolic protest that'll piss of the locals (violating one of the basic tenets of guerrilla warfare) and out you to OPFOR (violating another of the basic tenets of guerrilla warfare), instead do something productive and go to one (or more) of the events I listed above.  Because you'll be better off if you do.

Or don't, and do the rest of us a favor by being a coal mine canary.  Because we need those too.

Seriously, we don't do pansy symbolic protests in this state.  This is Wyoming, by God. When shit goes down we grab our guns, saddle up, and fix it.

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  1. Listen to Tommy. He knows, roughly, what we are up against. All of mass media, all of the banking system, are owned by the enemies of American liberty, and no, they aren't towel-heads, any more than they were bearded Marxists fifty years ago. Our enemies ride in chauffeured limos, have manicured hands and wear 3-pieces that make Brooks Brothers look shabby. They are our ruling elite, they use Tavistock protocols for mass psychology, and they have deligates attend the annual Bilderberg meeting. These are traitors and major conspirators, and they hope you don't like their doings. The whole jihad thing is a set-up, a "let's you and him fight" scam.