August 21, 2016

Coming in Signal-3: Considerations Revisited

In the beginning of Down-Grid Communications, I presented a list of considerations for those who wanted to gain effective communications capability.  They were as follows:

  • The lack of viable broadcast news media even at the present situation mandates that you conduct communications monitoring activities in order to get an accurate picture of activities in your area of operations (AO). During certain scenarios, this capability will become even more important. If you do nothing else in the way of radio communications, you must at least have a good communications monitoring setup.
  • Your communications equipment will need to be capable of operating independent of the power grid.
  • The lack of consistent reliable electric utility service in many scenarios means that you will have to produce your own power for communications.
  • The limited quantity of electricity from self-generation means that you should use the lowest amount of RF power needed to establish reliable communications.
  • Many scenarios will have you operating in field locations. Your equipment should be portable or at least easily transportable.
  • Commercial electronic repair facilities will not be available in a long-term grid-down scenario. At best you may have access to a retired electronic repair technician or advanced hobbyist with a small collection of parts and basic test equipment. Some of your equipment should be capable of being repaired under these conditions.
  • Socio-political effects of certain scenarios may make it necessary for you to implement some form of communications security (COMSEC). Depending on the specific type and severity of the scenario, you may be facing threats ranging from bandits with a police scanner to a professional signals intelligence (SIGINT) asset.
Since they were first published, these considerations have been revisited, revised, updated, and expanded to reflect current events and technology.  The new information will appear starting in November when we relaunch Signal-3 in its new electronic format.

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  1. I recommend to subscribers to remember to always keep a hard copy of any information that you may want to future reference in case a PC/Printer/Power is not readily available.

  2. Knowledge is power, real power, provided it is disseminated effectively and not interfered with, and of course properly implemented. Getting rid of TV or at least severely limiting its use is mandatory for preventing mind control. Why do you think ostensibly literate people consistently elect career criminals and their puppets? Because the man on the screen tells you what good people they are, after he gets done smearing the patriots and decent statesmen.