May 17, 2016


  • Still off-line for the most part. This should change within the next month or so.
  • Issue #3 of Signal-3 is still pending release, but the bright side of that is that the next mailing will include both #3 and #4 (which is being written).
  • Someone asked about the new edition of the book, and its content versus previous editions.  Here is the breakdown:
    First edition was 8.5x11,100 or so pages.  Half of it was a reprint of the 1960s SF Manual Commo Chapter, and VHF FCC allocation information, because I felt it was important to have that information readily available in print.  However, based on what little feedback I received from the 1st edition, I was apparently mistaken, so...
    Second edition had received some minor updates, was reduced to 6x9 in size, and had the public domain information removed. Page count was 60-something pages.
    Current edition is back to 8.5x11 and is 80 pages in length.  Previously published information has been updated and corrected, and new material added.  The current edition contains no public domain information.  With more pages and a larger format, it's about twice as long as the previous edition.
    Hope that clears things up a bit.
  • On a more philosophical and religious note, I'm finding the lack of constant Internet connectivity to be a blessing, and don't expect to have as big an online presence as I previously had.  Offline meatspace correspondence is now my preference.  Letters, postcards, and such can be sent via snail-mail and will be reciprocated.  You can contact me via the PO Box address. 

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