April 5, 2016

Open Comment Thread: Stuffing a Sustainment Bag

Given a standard milsurp MOLLE Sustainment Bag:
Put together a kit that will be left in your vehicle as a contingency kit in the event you left home without your usual EDC stuff.


  1. Ferrocium rod
    Bic Lighter
    Tire Plug/Patch Kit
    Can of Fix-A-Flat
    Roll of Rescue Tape
    Stainless Steel Bottle
    CAT Tourniquet
    550 Cord
    Spare HT Battery or AA Battery Pack
    USGI Poncho
    Extra Pair of Socks
    Rite-in-Rain Notepad + Pencil
    Headlamp & Spare Battery

  2. Not a bad list, Mike Bishop - I'd get rid of the Miox for something battery independent, add a lifestraw or chemical water purification, and a couple of space blankets. Also an old pair of running shoes or something, and a knife.

    1. Good point. A Sawyer Mini would suffice, or the Lifestraw. Throw in a Frost Mora, and you'd be in decent shape.

  3. Add in hard candy, a $100 bill, a roll of quarters, salt tablets, and a pack of cigarettes.

    The hard candy is quick energy and morale, the cigarettes are a stimulant, barter, and tinder. The $100 is somehow more magical than five $20 bills when you are trying to convince someone to help you, and the roll of quarters suffices for small purchases, either in person or at vending machines (and has self defense purposes as well, either alone or combined with the extra socks.) The salt tablets are self explanatory and vital, especially here in Texas in the summer.

    The siphon needs to be a shaker siphon. A agree on replacing the MIOX with something simpler, as well -- remember, this thing is likely to sit unopened for years in the trunk.

  4. 55gal trash can liner
    OD cravat
    Dental floss
    Alcohol towelettes

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