April 6, 2016

More Reference Files For Spartanburg Class This Weekend

Via https://sites.google.com/site/sparks31commo/home/upcoming-seminars

VHF/UHF Conventional Public Safety Licenses

VHF/UHF Conventional Business/Industrial Licenses

Use these this weekend as the basis for a point search.


  1. be good to stay prepared as these uncertain times arrive


  2. http://npstc.org/documents/NIFOG%20v1.2%204-14-2008.pdf

    This doc is the Fed standard for frequencies to be used by agencies responding to an incident that is so large that they have to get other agencies to come in and help. All agencies are encouraged to have these frequencies and squelch codes loaded in advance, just not to use them until and unless they are responding to a sufficiently severe incident.

    If you are with a volunteer organization that can provide needed services in an incident, you should have these pre-programmed.

    If you monitor these freqs and find them active before you hear of anything going sideways, that too is useful.

    Just sayin'.