March 27, 2016

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Find out this weekend!


  1. 117.800 Boysen VOR
    5.000 Mhz WWV Time signal
    26.730 Mhz AM Bootleg Band 11M-Mexico Station,
    133.250 MHz AM Airband ARTCC-Saltlake center Boysen Tower.
    Want more 3,000 Frequency Log Since 1975?
    Good deal keep up the Logs,,N7??? ReconPrepperMan..

  2. Boysen VOR/DME alright... But Boysen doesn't have a tower (or airport). 133.250 is the high altitude ARTCC sector frequency west of the Boysen Reservoir through the SLC ARTCC. Check out the Cheyenne sectional and enroute high-altitude HO3 charts.