March 15, 2016

Countering a Threat


Major threat bands are: 433-435, 824-849, 902-928, 1910-1930, 2400-2500, and 4915-5825 MHz.

Have a wireless consumer device?  Look for the FCC ID#, and run it through this database:

Try a Grantee code of "EW7."

Best low-cost receiver solution for experimentation?

The RTL-SDR will cover up to 1.7 GHz. The Funcube Dongle may go up to 2 GHz. You'll need to make/acquire frequency downconverters to extend the range. Your mileage will vary with other SDRs.

Since even Wal-Mart sells consumer electronics that operate on the 5.8 GHz. ISM band, a good tech specialist should be able to reach at least that high in frequency coverage.

And then there's the Hot Wheels Radar Gun that operates at 10.525 GHz. Some technical types have been hacking and "repurposing" these devices.  Fortunately, there's enough surplus X-band stuff out there for a technical specialist of even moderate means to reach there.

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