March 12, 2016

Communications Packages

Having  your gear put together into a proper kit is as important as getting the gear itself.

This is but one example of a radio kit, put together by the author.  It offers HF-to-UHF amateur band transceive coverage, and auxiliary receive coverage from 100 KHz. to 1.3 GHz.

It consists of the following:
  1. Yaesu FT-817 HF/VHF/UHF amateur radio transceiver.
  2. LDG Z-11Pro HF- 6 meter tuner
  3. Anytone TERMN-8R VHF/UHF amateur radio transceiver (No longer available. Link is for comparable Anytone NSTIG-8R.)
  4. Icom IC-R5 communications receiver (Discontinued. Icom IC-R6 is current model.)
  5. Tac-Comm Tactical Radio Carrier
With the exeception of the Tactical Radio Carrier, all this gear is available on both the new and used equipment markets. The Anytone transceiver is just an example of a VHF/UHF ham HT, but a Yaesu FT-51 or other model could be substituted for the same functionality. Likewise, I purchased the LDG Z-11 before they came out with the Z-817.  Both are excellent tuners for use with the FT-817, but the Z-817 is newer and purpose designed to work with that radio. The Elecraft KX-3 is also a more recent model of portable HF-VHF transceiver with a built-in tuner option, and would substitute nicely.  However, they incur a greater cost than a gently-used FT-817.

Specific makes and models are irrelevant as long as the equipment serves its purpose in an adequate and reliable manner.

With the radios taken care of, what's now needed is electrical power, antennas, and related accessories.  That will be the topic of a future post.

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