February 17, 2016

Juice: Roll Your Own



Can always be scaled-up to meet requirements.

It's not rocket science, folks. It's electrochemistry!

Generators are easy too.




  1. Can also tie a bucket of rocks on a rope that has been wrapped around a spindle. As the bucket falls the spindle shaft rotates and drives a small generator.

  2. Oh your very welcome. All you comm guys and low drag infantry warriors have been giving us squids priceless info and ideas. I feel indebted to you all. I hope this in some small way pays it forward. That's the idea right?
    There is a whole lot more about the above bit on off grid power I'll freely share. Funny how a big part of it is how you think, how changing your thinking opens up so many possibilities. That whole off grid power thing has been a wonderful adventure, still is, because you can always figure out how to improve your kit, like how you always improve your LBE as field experience dictates.