January 16, 2016

The End of The 3%

I am no longer affiliated with anything involving the so-called "3% movement."  It is dead, or pretty close to it.

  1. The occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is nothing but a sad joke, from the lack of logistics preparation, to losing their comms due to lack of proper radio maintenance, like making sure the batteries get charged.  Since no one owns the terms "3%" or "militia", nor is there a viable nationwide organization of same, any idiot or nutcase can grab hold of those words and use them for their own little group., regardless of the consequences.

  2. I can understand, and even agree with, suing someone for defamation of character if you rationally believe they slandered you.  Tort law actually goes back to the beginnings of common law that all the sovereign citizen types like to wax poetic about, and like to reserve their rights under by way of UCC 1-207 & 1-308.  However, filing a restraining order against someone two states away over talking about you on his blog is just simply a dick move, especially when you're a martial arts instructor who presumably would know enough to protect yourself.  Not showing up for your own lawsuit makes it even worse.

  3. The original 3% blog started in November of 2007.  People have had over eight years to get it right.  If they actually paid attention to all the "praxis" posts on that blog, they would have been a lot closer to getting it right.  With that said, I should add that the blogger in question asked me to violate operational and personnel security by disclosing the name of a potential attendee of one of my classes.  He should have known better, but since things have progressed in a different direction since then, I guess it's all good now between the parties involved.

  4. The term "3%" implies a minority.  Where I live, the vast majority of people are well-armed, put aside extra for unforeseen circumstances, live a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle, and generally have a conservative-leaning, libertarian-type, constitutionalist sociopolitical belief system. I moved a family 2100 miles to find such a place that still had enough of a viable economy where a guy could get a decent-paying job in a place with reasonable living expenses where one could set up a homestead for long term self-reliance purposes, yet be rugged and desolate enough to keep the idiots out, and keep it from turning into another New Hampshire.  If you are a "3%er" and don't live in such a place, you are both a fool and a dead person walking. If you do live in such a place, you don't have to be a "3%er" because you are not a minority.

My dislike of the NET and WEB has been made pretty clear to everyone for some time now, and this 3% phenomena is a prime example why.  Anyone can claim to be part of the "militia", "patriot", or "3%" movement.  And if anyone can do it, then why do it in the first place?


  1. For many, being in the 3% is like being in Oath Keepers. They're patch collectors, gives them something to brag about, just like a guy that has to tell you he's an NRA Lifemember, so what?....you're good at throwing money away? Letting others think for you, kinda like a surrogate brain? Sheep always have to follow a shepherd.
    The sooner all this shit goes away, the better. Like Pete just posted "Be the leader you are looking for". Nobody else knows how to take care of your sorry ass as well as you do, nor should anyone else have to. Assume responsibility for yourself and your actions, when that happens, you won't need to go look for a shepherd.

  2. The only title I've ever claimed to be is a "Survivalist", simply due to it perfectly describing my lifestyle and mindset. Well said Brother.

  3. " I moved a family 2100 miles to find such a place that still had enough of a viable economy where a guy could get a decent-paying job in a place with reasonable living expenses where one could set up a homestead for long term self-reliance purposes, yet be rugged and desolate enough to keep the idiots out, and keep it from turning into another New Hampshire. If you are a “3%er” and don’t live in such a place, you are both a fool and a dead person walking. If you do live in such a place, you don’t have to be a “3%er” because you are not a minority."

    Not everyone is able to pack up and move a couple thousand miles away.
    I want to,and am working towards that goal,but life happens,and sometimes bad things happen to good people,and it takes a period of time to get back to "normal".
    We at least have a somewhat safe location that's about an hour's drive,or a 3 day hike away from our home.

    You have given a lot of valuable information to those of us in the community-those who were paying attention anyhow.
    As for the whole III% thing,it's dead as a viable group of people-just go on Farcebook and look at all the III% this and III% that groups.
    The "militia" movement has been a clusterfuck for years,maybe even decades-probably decades.
    I left the militia scene in Ohio years ago-due to it consisting mostly of groups of poorly trained,out of shape fat fucks who's idea of "training" was a day at the range,or an overnight camping trip with lots of beer and whiskey. I saw or was involved in militia groups that were training using WWII or Vietnam tactics,groups that were comprised of guys so far out of shape that they would have had a heart attack or a stroke if they had to carry their gear any farther than from the garage to the car/truck. saw guys claim they were "snipers" because they could put groups of 3 or 5 rounds in the bullseye at 100yds-99% wouldn't have been able to hit an old refrigerator at 300yds.
    I have offered to provide classes on how to feed large groups of people correctly,by following the proper procedures for sanitation,cooking,holding,and serving food so that there aren't thousands of people getting sick because some dumb fuck thinks he can feed a large group of people just like he's giving a back yard BBQ.
    There's a whole hell of a lot more to it than putting on a BBQ party for the guys from work,or a holiday meal at a relatives house.
    I ran hotel and private country club kitchens for over 20 years,I cooked for an outfitter on backcountry elk hunts,and I cooked on fishing boats out of N.C.
    I know how easy it is to get people sick from the food you serve them if you do not follow the proper protocols-those who have never run a kitchen that is putting out a few thousand meals per day don't have any clue how to safely feed large groups of people now,while we have natural gas and electricity from the grid-they are only going to get themselves and their tribe sick when they attempt to feed them when there's no power,and no gas stoves or ovens available.
    Those who plan on eating MRE's,Mountain House,etc, or just beans and rice are in for a rude surprise-as those foods are only for short-term use. There's a reason the military brings hot chow to forward troops.
    The lack of interest in the subject is astounding.

  4. I like the term survivalist too. :)

  5. Larry,

    Your reply is spot on, and I concur.

    1. A relocation to a more viable locale need not be 2100 miles, as it was in my case. A few of my in-laws live in the Appalachian Redoubt, and Western North Carolina was definitely on our list. (It was actually my wife's first choice.) Just so happened that a job offer along with a nice hunk of land became available out here in Wyoming right when it was needed. Location is important, but the specifics are up to the individual, based on their situation.

    What's really important is for one to recognize when they are living in a non-viable and non-sustainable area, and to take whatever steps they can to relocate ASAP, or otherwise fix the situation.

    2. I learned to appreciate the intricacies of feeding large groups of people while on KP duty under a retired chef by the name of MSG Sullivan, USARNG. Alas, now I hear the reserve components use contractors for their food preparation. Sully could make last week's dead rat taste good. I suspect it was the ash from the cigars he was always smoking in the kitchen.

  6. I apprenticed to become a chef and the first guy I worked under was a USMC vet,he had fought on Guadacanal (sp) in WWII,taught me a lot,and had some great stories too.
    We are in a bad location,but for this area,we are in about the best place we can be to miss the majority of the gang-bangers and other assorted scum coming through the area.
    We are in NE Ohio,so there's the whole Cleveland and Akron gang-bangers and other assorted scum,along with the same types from the smaller cities in the area,especially the suburbs of Akron and Cleveland.
    I want to move to the Bitterroot valley in Montana,if we can't swing that,we'll likely head for Appalachians in W.Va. still have some family there.

    As for he food thing,no one can live on MRE's for an extended period of time,or beans and rice for an extended period of time.
    Nutrition will be of vital importance,without proper nutrition,people will get illnesses easier,and it will take longer for injuries to heal.
    Sanitation is the single most important thing as far as feeding large groups of people,don't clean and sanitize work surfaces right,or wash,rinse,sanitize pots,pans and kitchen utensils rights-and people get sick from the food.
    Plus not holding food to be served at the right temperatures will sicken people-that's why every summer you hear about some group of people getting sick after eating something not held at the right temp at church picnics and family reunions.
    We'll see how important people think it is to know how to feed large groups the right way real soon-I have the offer for the first class posted on my sites. There's a few who are for sure taking the class-but not enough yet to make it worth doing the class.
    The class isn't until March 15th-so there's still time for people to sign up.

    Where you're at,you can raise livestock,keep laying hens,and grow a big garden to help feed yourselves and your tribe.
    We only have the gardens and the chickens-but it is a huge help in keeping food stocked up,we can a lot every summer and fall.

  7. I posted the link to your food prep class. If people are smart, they will take advantage of this opportunity.

  8. I see that,thank you.
    Those who are planning on taking the class have all thanked me for offering it.
    As long as there's enough interest,I'll keep doing the classes.

  9. gg,
    be careful with the Bitterroot Valley. I wanted to move there from central Idaho about 22 yrs ago. A lot of my buckskinning/gunmaker friends lived up there in Hamilton/Darby area and it seemed like a great place to live. Went up on a recon trip and was shocked how crowded it was, found out Ravalli County was the fastest growing county in the US a few yrs before. People flocked up there by the droves, it was like a refugee zone for flatlanders. Then they found there was little to no work and many took off again. It's almost solid houses along Highway 93 from Darby to Missoula, here we drive 20 miles and see a dozen maybe.
    I moved to NW Wyoming instead, Sparks and I aren't too far apart, it's almost empty here compared to W. Montana. For some folks anywhere in Montana may seem like the middle of the wilderness, freedom at last! But that's not always the case, do some homework and figure out where you might fit in better. Missoula, Kalispell, Coeur d'Alene ID are also such places, way too crowded with stupid city folks who fled S. Kalif.

  10. I've got a friend that lives out there,and the outfitter I worked for years ago is still out there,they say once you get off of 93,away from Hamilton,it's still not bad.
    They were complaining about the flatlanders and S.Cal transplants years ago.
    There's a ton of now empty houses out there now,as one of the biggest employers closed up a few years back,and a lot of those transplants moved out.
    I've got guaranteed work if I move there is my reason for choosing that area.
    If I go to check it out,and it's still full of big city,anti-gun,anti-hunting idiots,I'll go somewhere else.