January 16, 2016

The End of 3%

I am no longer affiliated with anything involving the so-called "3% movement."  It is dead, or pretty close to it.

  1. The occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is nothing but a sad joke, from the lack of logistics preparation, to losing their comms due to lack of proper radio maintenance, like making sure the batteries get charged.  Since no one owns the terms "3%" or "militia", nor is there a viable nationwide organization of same, any idiot or nutcase can grab hold of those words and use them for their own little group., regardless of the consequences.

  2. I can understand, and even agree with, suing someone for defamation of character if you rationally believe they slandered you.  Tort law actually goes back to the beginnings of common law that all the sovereign citizen types like to wax poetic about, and like to reserve their rights under by way of UCC 1-207 & 1-308.  However, filing a restraining order against someone two states away over talking about you on his blog is just simply a dick move, especially when you're a martial arts instructor who presumably would know enough to protect yourself.  Not showing up for your own lawsuit makes it even worse.

  3. The original 3% blog started in November of 2007.  People have had over eight years to get it right.  If they actually paid attention to all the "praxis" posts on that blog, they would have been a lot closer to getting it right.  With that said, I should add that the blogger in question asked me to violate operational and personnel security by disclosing the name of a potential attendee of one of my classes.  He should have known better, but since things have progressed in a different direction since then, I guess it's all good now between the parties involved.

  4. The term "3%" implies a minority.  Where I live, the vast majority of people are well-armed, put aside extra for unforeseen circumstances, live a self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle, and generally have a conservative-leaning, libertarian-type, constitutionalist sociopolitical belief system. I moved a family 2100 miles to find such a place that still had enough of a viable economy where a guy could get a decent-paying job in a place with reasonable living expenses where one could set up a homestead for long term self-reliance purposes, yet be rugged and desolate enough to keep the idiots out, and keep it from turning into another New Hampshire.  If you are a "3%er" and don't live in such a place, you are both a fool and a dead person walking. If you do live in such a place, you don't have to be a "3%er" because you are not a minority.

My dislike of the NET and WEB has been made pretty clear to everyone for some time now, and this 3% phenomena is a prime example why.  Anyone can claim to be part of the "militia", "patriot", or "3%" movement.  And if anyone can do it, then why do it in the first place?

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