January 3, 2016


One word: dumbasses.


  1. Agreed as far as the dumbasses.
    Yes,the Hammonds were done wrong by TPTB.
    The BLM,USFWS for sure,and maybe the USFS were involved in forcing area ranchers to sell their land so that the wildlife refuge could be expanded.
    This was done on behalf of special interest groups comprised of enviro-whackos in order to expand the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and remove ranchers and their cattle from the Steen Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area.

    “The story is like an onion, you just keep peeling back the layers,” Maupin said.

    In an effort to stave off what they feared was a pending Clinton/Babbitt monument designation in 2000, a group of ranchers on the scenic Steens Mountain worked with Oregon Representative Greg Walden, a republican, to draft and enact the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act that would prevent such a deed. The ranchers agreed to work with special interest “environmental” groups like the aggressive Oregon Natural Desert Association and others to protect the higher-than 10,000 foot breathtaking peak.

    A number of ranchers at the top of the mountain traded their BLM permits and private property for land on the valley floor, allowing the anti-grazing groups to create a 170,000 acre wilderness, with almost 100,000 acres being “cow-free.”

    “The last holdouts on that cow-free wilderness were the Hammonds,” explained Maupin. And because the Hammonds have large chunks of private property in the heart of the cooperative management area, they carried a target on their backs.

    “It’s become more and more obvious over the years that that the BLM and the wildlife refuge want that ranch. It would tie in with what they have,” said Inglis.

    The Hammonds also lost their ability to water cattle on one BLM permit when refuge personnel drained a watering hole that the Hammonds had always used."

    Source for that is...

    There appears to be little to no doubt that the Hammonds have been harassed by BLM and USFWS employees who are acting on behalf of enviro whacko groups,and that the goal is for the Hammonds to sell or sign over title to their ranch to the BLM and/or USFWS so that the "cow free zone" on Steens mountain can be expanded.

    What has been and is being done to the Hammond family is wrong-so is "taking over" an empty wildlife refuge building/buildings and claiming it's being done because of what is and has happened to the Hammond family,who through their attorney have let it be known that they do not want any armed confrontation to take place on their behalf.

  2. In the words of the Big Lebowski, "You're not wrong Walter, you're just an asshole."

  3. I hope some of my more sensible types watch and learn. Observation would be a good exercise.