January 12, 2016

Modern Social Media On A Network YOU Control

While it's nice to know there is someone a half country away who shares your social and political beliefs, and will virtual-world garment rend every time Osama Bin Obama cries and threatens executive orders because some liberals were shot in Kalifornica by an  Islamist, it has very little to do with the reality of the real world.

  • You need to know what's going on locally.

  • The information needs to be real time and accurate.

  • You need to establish local contacts with like-minded individuals.

  • You need to do it off the NET

Here is solution #1:

It is a 40 Channel Uniden 980SSB Citizens Band radio (CB).    You will need an antenna to go with it. I recommend the Solarcon A99.   This radio requires no FCC license, and will work great for local communications networks.

Here is Solution #2 for those of you willing to get a ham license:

It is an Icom IC-2300 2 meter base/mobile  transceiver.   You will need a Techncian class ham license to legally operate this radio.  This is a 65 watt radio which makes it well suited for local simplex networks when installed with a good base antenna.  I recommend the Comet GP-1.

Until you get your alternate power setup installed, you will need a power supply to run these radios.  There are several makes and models available.  I have used Astron Supplies without incident for many years now.   The Icom IC-2300 requires at least 11 Amps.   Get the biggest supply you can afford to run your station.  I wouldn't go with less than 20/25 Amps for your first supply.

It doesn't matter what radio you use.  Get all your local contacts and group members on the same band (ham or CB).  Decide on a frequency/channel to use for your network.  Communicate.   Get off the online social media NETworks.  Do something constructive. Collect local intelligence information. That is more important than some conspiracy nutcase's rant on the NET and WEB.  Don't get caught up in it!

Eventually you will get idiot on there that will want to disrupt/troll your network, just like we get on the NET and WEB.   In most cases on the NET there isn't much you can do about it.  However, on your radio network you at least know the idiot is local to you.  Here is the solution:

Armed with the information in this book, and some equipment you can build, you can find the offender and have a little chat with him regarding his behavior.   You can't do that with any effectiveness on FB.

Radio Direction Finding is a topic I get a lot of requests about, and is now covered in the Grid-Down Communications Workshop V2.0.


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See you in class!

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