January 24, 2016

Advice For Attending the Workshop

The first series of workshops are in April, a little over two months away.  Plenty of room left in the Wyoming ones.  Not sure about South Carolina, but you can go visit http://sparksinsc.wix.com/0416 for more information on that one.

First thing you should do is read the book.  It's free, although I'd appreciate it very much that you either buy a hardcopy or make a donation if you liked it, and/or learned something from it.

The next thing you should do is get some radio equipment.  I've put a few recommendations up on the right sidebar for some stuff off Amazon.  The workshops are hands-on, especially with the new V2.0 material.  If you don't have them already, get a good police scanner and/or shortwave receiver.  I've always said receiving is >2X more important than transmitting, and the new workshop material will reflect that.  If you are just starting out, get your receiving gear squared away first.

Read the manuals, and get some hands-on time with your radios before the workshop.  This way we can get right down to business.

Dress for the weather and climate.  The V2.0 workshops will be mostly outside, unless the weather is potentially more lethal than usual.

Take notes.  Take lots of notes.  Ask questions.


For the Wyoming workshops:

Pack a lunch, water, and toilet paper.  The facilities in Wyoming are primitive, and far from civilization.  There are places in Dubois and Riverton, WY where you can get a sandwich, or something for the BBQ grill.  Speaking of which....

There will be a BBQ grill available for those of you who want to cook something hot.

Dinner will be provided Saturday Night, as long as you like steak and potatoes off the grill.  BYOB if you want something with a little kick to it.

There will be a swap meet in the rendezvous style during the workshop. Bring your trade goods.

Try to take a few extra days to do the tourist thing.  Both Cody (Buffalo Bill Museum) and Jackson Hole are right down the road (by Wyoming standards).

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