December 22, 2015

Something To Consider: Power For Radio Equipment

Back when I worked in land mobile radio,  I observed that handheld radio (HT) rechargeable batteries generally had a 3-5 year lifespan, before they were incapable of holding a decent charge. The more abused the battery, the shorter the lifespan.  If the battery was taken care of properly, a little longer.

My best HT battery lifespan so far has been 10 years for a Ni-Cd on a milsurp Bendix King PRC-127.  That was doing everything by the book, so to speak, and using an aftermarket battery charger/conditioner.

Here are some websites to check out:

Consider how you will be able to power equipment in a long-term grid-down sceneario, and choose appropriately.

HINT: Much of the off-the-shelf stuff you find will be inadequate.



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