December 27, 2015

Another Sign Of The Times

I looked through my local Wal-Mart's sporting goods department today, and saw this:

Retro CameraThe vast majority of survival gear items normally on the shelf were gone.  These are the little necessary items you put in bug-out bags or contingency kits.  I'd like to think they became stocking stuffers or wound up under the tree on December 25th.

Remember this sign?


Get your essential gear together while there is still time.


  1. Wow...if WallyWorld, the King of retail logistics, has issues, can you imagine the others?

    I hope this was/is a one off, but foretelling nonetheless...

    Buy it cheap, and stack it deep while/when one can...

    Imagine the world "when the trucks stop."


  2. FWIW, I have seen this before with Chem. Lights, Fuel for stoves; liquid and solid and lights/lighting. This was a few years back (2011, Phoenix AZ), taking almost six months for stock to hit the shelves. I too see it as a gradual slow down of goods.

  3. Just check the Dry Baltic Index, shipping rates are at very low levels as demand for shipping evaporates. Oil tankers are being held off shore to jack up fuel prices due to depressed demand. I spotted a product today that had gone-up 20% in 1 year due to the falling dollar

  4. Fact is, retail stores run on tighter and tighter inventories. And just-in-time restocking seems to be missing the mark more often. Those who expect to carry out acquisition of key items after an event has taken place, or as late as imminent warning will likely be out of luck. Now's the time to get your stash in order. Consider stocking duplicates of must-have items.

  5. Last summer when getting ready for a backpacking trip, I noticed the selections of Mountain House freeze dried meals were less than 1/2 of what they had the year before. And most were the single serving size, not 2 servings. Been going to WalMart since they had a huge selection and were cheaper than the local backpacking shop, which carries more vegan meals such as lentil soup and fake soy meat.
    Look around many of the large chain stores and you will see less inventory, they don't have the mass sales they once did to keep the shelves full.