December 18, 2015

A Good Field Shirt

I stopped by one of my local gear sources, and found the proprietor had come across a batch of these:

This is a US GI Issue Wool Field Shirt.  They were issued from the 1950s up until the 1980s.  Got my first one from a sympathetic supply sergeant at my first unit.  He managed to get a bunch in assorted sizes just before they were declared obsolete, and gave them out to those who knew and asked about them (and didn't piss him off).

Despite not being standard issue for almost 30 years, they remain available via Milsurp channels, although sizes larger than Medium are a little less available.   They are a well-made, warm garment that will last for decades.


  1. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Wool is great as it still keeps you warm even when soaking wet.
    I wear wool shirts when hunting during the winter,especialy for Ohio's firearms deer season-usually 1st week of Dec. and the Jan. muzzleloader season.
    We get lots of misty days,with light rain or drizzle,lots of fog,and sometimes snow.
    Being out in the snow when it's right around freezing usually means you get wet from the snow melting on your clothes.
    Wool pants are great too,haven't been able to find any at an affordable price for years.
    Wool is hands down the best material for your hunting clothing,or for any other reasons you will be out in the weather.

  2. Swedish M39 jackets are cheap and plentiful in new condition. I have one I paid $20 for about five years ago that I wear all the time. With a good Pendleton shirt underneath I've stayed nice and toasty into the upper teens.

  3. FWIW, Canada issued an almost direct copy of the USGI M1951 wool field shirt. You can sometimes find them on eBay. I have a couple of the US shirts and one Canadian shirt. The fabric of the Canadian shirt is a little more coarse, but I think the overall workmanship was a little better than the US shirts.