October 3, 2015

So you want to learn how to fight?

It seems to me that many "3%" pundits are ready to bypass the soap and ballot boxes, and reach directly for the bullet box.  Sad, because while I won't argue about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the ballot box when you represent a minority, when skilfully wielded the soapbox can do a heck of a lot more damage than a bullet, if all the bullshit flying in the 3% blogsphere is any indication.  It's not time to talk about that however, because you want to learn how to fight.

Go join the Army, or the Marine Corps.  Keep your political proclivities to yourself, join for the minimal amount of time required, and go Infantry, Cav Scout, or Artillery Forward Observer.  Try to wrangle a "Light" unit assignment (as opposed to Mechanized), and take any specialized combat training they'll offer you.  You'll likely be sent overseas, and there's a chance you'll exit with a severe disability, but you'll get some good training on how to fight and do other useful things.  You'll also get paid, have your health care taken care of, and get some other benefits.

While in, keep your mouth shut, eyes and ears open, and pay attention.  Since everything from clothes, to food, to doctors is taken care of, you'll be able to save up a pretty decent amount of money.  You'll need it for when you get out, so save it after you get a basic kit put together.  You'll know what will work for you thanks to Uncle Sam.

When you ETS, take your GI Bill benefits and go attend a good trade school.  That means you'll have to decide what you'll want to do for a living when you grow up.   Your savings from active duty, combined with whatever part time work you can wrangle, should get you through trade school.  When you graduate trade school, you should then have a useful skill that you can take to any decent part of the US and find work with.  You will also have something useful to contribute after the fighting is done and we have to rebuild.


  1. Outstanding post! I have given similar advice to youth over the years. Your final point about TRADE SCHOOL vs. "college" is spot on. Most college is a total waste of time these days.

    Unfortunately, most young men will spend most of their earnings on a new Camaro or Mustang, and the remainder on beer and ... uhh ... GIRLS (to be polite!). Lots of fun, but poor preparation for the future!

  2. Back when I was in AIT, our post had an enlisted men's club where we could go have a beer (for those over 21) and some pizza during our weekend/evening passes after we reached a certain stage in training.
    The enlisted club had a stage with professional (in the sense they were getting paid) dancers, and for only Five Dollars you could have a Polaroid taken with one of the dancers...

    Invariably there was one 18 to 20-something guy who would become infatuated with a dancer to the point where he would spend $50+ a night to have multiple pictures taken with whom he was certain was his true love. And she'd play along until he ran out of money...