October 2, 2015

Public Perception Of the 3% Scene In Relation to Other Scenes

In the eyes of the general public, what is the difference between this:


and this:


If you analyse this taking into consideration that both are minority special interest groups, you're on the right track.

The reality is that the general public either finds the fetishists less threatening than the 3%/OK scene because the dudes in dog and horse masks aren't running around in public with military-looking guns, or they just think the 3%/OK scene are a subset of cosplayers who are not to be taken seriously.

And the reality is also that the GBLT/BDSM/fetish scene is a lot more effective political force than the 3%/OK scene because they maintain a unified political front and know how to project force in the venues that get their aims accomplished, all the way to the Supreme Court.

Pretty good for a bunch of harmless fruitcakes in animal costumes sashying down Christopher Street in the East Village...


  1. I thought they were prancing around in Sham Fran.

  2. They were, but I'm originally from the Northeast so when I need a shithole to pick on I usually pick New York Shitty. Different coast, same scene.