October 5, 2015

On the InterNET, you can say and be whatever you want, even if you're just a fucktard.

Pete over at Western Rifle Shooters has been trying to stimulate intellectual discussion over at his blog, but unfortunately the intellectual level of some commenters does not meet the standard to really hold a discussion. Everyone is an expert, there's no real standard for credential checking, and even former service members with solid applicable experience like Steve Barry and Bill Roberts get fucktard responses from people claiming their experience is not applicable.

That's why I emphasize the "net" in InterNET and "web" in World World WEB.  They are constructs designed to trap you and keep you from getting things done in meatspace, aka the real world.

Do you really want to communicate and share things with your distant friends?  Items of substance, worth, and merit?

Turn off your computer or other InterNET consumption device and get one of these:

typewriterInstead of sharing every garment-rending, sob-story, often exaggerated "look at what Obama/Pelosi/Clinton is doing!" email you get on the NET, write your friends a letter if they are too far to visit regularly. Talk about what you're doing, and other meaningful real-world activities. I'm not saying this is going to make our country's problems go away.  What it may do however is resolve some of your problems, and that's a good start.

Got samizdat?

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