October 20, 2015

SiGB: Single Board Computers For Fun and Profit

Very useful.

New Posts and Wyoming Class Date Set @ Signal Corps Blog



Beyond the Baofeng: Technician Class on HF

Technician Class Radio Amateurs have the following HF allocations, where they can use CW:
3.525-3.600 MHz. – 80 Meters
7.025-7.125 MHz. – 40 Meters
21.025-21.200 MHz. – 15 Meters
28.000-28.300 MHz. – 10 Meters

CW is the original digital mode, and requires nothing other than a transceiver, CW key, your ears, and the stuff between them. Tuna can-sized CW transceivers can be put together out of discrete components and will cost you only $40. – http://qrpme.com/?p=product&id=LST

Almost as inexpensive as a Chicom HT, made in America (by you), and easy to fix with common electronic parts.

Roll your own.


See you in class.

A Reader Sends: All Your Modem are Belong To Us

h/t CA @ WRSA:


Lots of useful information in this article.

Note the use of the FT-817.


Look familiar?

The Yaesu FT-817 is one of the most singularly useful multi-purpose radios you can buy.

That is the level you should be striving for, if you are the commo person for your group.

Got learning materials?

See you in class.

Six Meters


It's where Tech class licenses should be looking, until they get their General.

Meteor Scatter





A Reader Sends: TEMPEST

h/t Mark via FB:


I played around with this back in the 1980s. It was interesting back then. Might be more interesting now.

October 7, 2015

Rawlins Gun Show this weekend.

Oct 9-11 Rawlins, Carbon County Fairgrounds Sportsman's Gun Shows 307-760-1841/307-760-1180

October 6, 2015

Meatspace, baby. (Commo training for those so inclined.)

Added a whole bunch of locations for the remainder of the year: Washington (state), Idaho, and Minnesota.  South Carolina is next spring, and probably some other locations.



October 5, 2015

On the InterNET, you can say and be whatever you want, even if you're just a fucktard.

Pete over at Western Rifle Shooters has been trying to stimulate intellectual discussion over at his blog, but unfortunately the intellectual level of some commenters does not meet the standard to really hold a discussion. Everyone is an expert, there's no real standard for credential checking, and even former service members with solid applicable experience like Steve Barry and Bill Roberts get fucktard responses from people claiming their experience is not applicable.

That's why I emphasize the "net" in InterNET and "web" in World World WEB.  They are constructs designed to trap you and keep you from getting things done in meatspace, aka the real world.

Do you really want to communicate and share things with your distant friends?  Items of substance, worth, and merit?

Turn off your computer or other InterNET consumption device and get one of these:

typewriterInstead of sharing every garment-rending, sob-story, often exaggerated "look at what Obama/Pelosi/Clinton is doing!" email you get on the NET, write your friends a letter if they are too far to visit regularly. Talk about what you're doing, and other meaningful real-world activities. I'm not saying this is going to make our country's problems go away.  What it may do however is resolve some of your problems, and that's a good start.

Got samizdat?

Fulton MX991/U

Those of us who served back in the day remember, with varying degrees of fondness, the humble Fulton MX991/U angle-head flashlight.  I still have mine, purchased from the PX back in the late 1980s.

It has a push button on the side above the switch, and comes with two colored filters (blue and red). Know IMC? Then you  can use this to communicate across LOS paths with your buddies in the field.

October 4, 2015


Today I went shooting with about 30 other people who identify as "3%ers" out at a remote Wyoming location somewhere.  A few came up to the commo truck and asked about radio stuff, and I may wind up doing a one-day class in Fremont County sometime within the next month or two.

That was an example of reality.  What we call meatspace.  Get off the NET/WEB, interact with local like-minded people in your AO, have a good time, and hopefully everyone goes home knowing a little more than they did before.

October 3, 2015

Grid-Down Page Posts Uploaded

A whole bunch of stuff from the old Grid-Down Survivalist blog page has been uploaded. Go back into the post archive if you already haven't.

So you want to learn how to fight?

It seems to me that many "3%" pundits are ready to bypass the soap and ballot boxes, and reach directly for the bullet box.  Sad, because while I won't argue about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the ballot box when you represent a minority, when skilfully wielded the soapbox can do a heck of a lot more damage than a bullet, if all the bullshit flying in the 3% blogsphere is any indication.  It's not time to talk about that however, because you want to learn how to fight.

Go join the Army, or the Marine Corps.  Keep your political proclivities to yourself, join for the minimal amount of time required, and go Infantry, Cav Scout, or Artillery Forward Observer.  Try to wrangle a "Light" unit assignment (as opposed to Mechanized), and take any specialized combat training they'll offer you.  You'll likely be sent overseas, and there's a chance you'll exit with a severe disability, but you'll get some good training on how to fight and do other useful things.  You'll also get paid, have your health care taken care of, and get some other benefits.

While in, keep your mouth shut, eyes and ears open, and pay attention.  Since everything from clothes, to food, to doctors is taken care of, you'll be able to save up a pretty decent amount of money.  You'll need it for when you get out, so save it after you get a basic kit put together.  You'll know what will work for you thanks to Uncle Sam.

When you ETS, take your GI Bill benefits and go attend a good trade school.  That means you'll have to decide what you'll want to do for a living when you grow up.   Your savings from active duty, combined with whatever part time work you can wrangle, should get you through trade school.  When you graduate trade school, you should then have a useful skill that you can take to any decent part of the US and find work with.  You will also have something useful to contribute after the fighting is done and we have to rebuild.

October 2, 2015

Signal Corps Site Restored


For past reference purposes. Remember, the NET and WEB are only temporary constructs.

Three Percent?

The population of the United States is 318.9 million people according to Google.  I'll go with that for now, probably fairly accurate.

Three percent of 318.9 million is 9.567 million.

How can a minority manage the behaviour and reactions of a much bigger majority when the majority's status quo apple cart gets upset?

Keep in mind that comments violate OPSEC since they telegraph intent and disclose TTPs.

Public Perception Of the 3% Scene In Relation to Other Scenes

In the eyes of the general public, what is the difference between this:


and this:


If you analyse this taking into consideration that both are minority special interest groups, you're on the right track.

The reality is that the general public either finds the fetishists less threatening than the 3%/OK scene because the dudes in dog and horse masks aren't running around in public with military-looking guns, or they just think the 3%/OK scene are a subset of cosplayers who are not to be taken seriously.

And the reality is also that the GBLT/BDSM/fetish scene is a lot more effective political force than the 3%/OK scene because they maintain a unified political front and know how to project force in the venues that get their aims accomplished, all the way to the Supreme Court.

Pretty good for a bunch of harmless fruitcakes in animal costumes sashying down Christopher Street in the East Village...