August 24, 2015

Good Morning - Black Monday Open Thread

TPTB will keep the house of cards propped up as long as they can, as there is significant interest in maintaining the status quo.
Looking at the Dow this instant, it looks like some people are about to make some virtual money. If you bought at 15,500 this morning, you came out ahead. If you sold at 16,193 and then bought more back at 15,500 then you’d be in stronger position this afternoon. Looks like to me that somebody or some group(s) are playing games to make more virtual money.

If you were in the market and panic sold, you probably lost some virtual money. If you’re in the market for the long term, you probably didn’t even notice the drop, or you took advantage of it and bought some cheap stocks.

But it don’t mean shit as Mr. Natural would say. It has no effect on your skill set, PMs that you put aside for trade, the bullet that harvested the elk that will feed you this winter, your garden coming into harvest, or your other preps. It has no effect if you live in an area where life will continue to go on, and where a few preps will get you by for a while.

Eventually it’ll all come crashing down. For me it was back in 1987 when the big employer in downstate NY (IBM) went from hiring COBOL and RPG programmers while they were still in high school to cutting 75% of their workforce and depressing the economy to the point where engineers with their MS degrees were competing with high schoolers for jobs at Radio Shack. I was there with a front row seat for the whole show. An entry-level COBOL programmer would have made $40-$45K/year in 1987 money, and a year later would have been hard-pressed to find a minimum wage job in a video store.

Fuck it. Just prepare, and start living the post-TEOTWAWKI lifestyle now as best you can.

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