April 15, 2015

Walmart closures cause talk about Jade Helm conspiracies.

A few Walmarts across the country get temporarily (for the moment) closed due to plumbing problems. As a result, someone in the Patriot/3%/Prepper blogsphere tries to connect it to Jade Helm.

What do we know?

  1. Walmart is closing a few stores across the country.

  2. Their locations.

  3. The stated purpose of the closings.

  4. Plumbing repair activity looks different than repurposing a facility for military logistics or EPW/CI housing.

Is Walmart lying, and there is some other purpose for the closure of these stores?  The truth would be easy enough to find out, if people would do some research and investigating instead of regurgitating stories found on the Internet.

But meatspace requires more effort than the telescreen.


  1. I for one would like to read something that isn't regurgitated BS. not much luck as of yet.
    I am hundreds of miles from the nearest one of these locations. my options are limited but not zero.
    most of the locations have other wal-marts with in ten miles. Most/all of the locations are keeping pharmacies open for up to 14 days. Most of the locations are located next to lumber.hardware stores. Most of the locations are accessible by freeway. Some are near existing rail . Sores were build between 1994 and 2004 and some had recent remodels. Most stores had some kind of union protest within last year.
    Sores were closed with little warning.
    Perishable food in some locations was donated to local food shelves.
    so what does this mean? I don't know.
    My current opinions;I am fairly sure "plumbing issues" has very little to do with the closures. I don't think perishable food would have been donated if it was even remotely thought it could be contaminated. If there is a major health risk inside store, why are pharmacies still open? does there location inside the store offer any clue to why they are remaining open at least temporarily? I think Walmart would have addressed union concerns differently and I think there are stores with union issues greater than these locations. I am doubtful these are going to be re purposed for fema camps because of physical size of the locations and the buzz they created with the abrupt news of the closings.
    Walmrt opens and closes stores all the time with little press and vague business reason often with only a few weeks notice, in my opinion walmart wouldn't want to pay thousands of employees 2 months of severance if they could avoid it. Or if they are the great employers their PR wants then to be why not offer employees pay until stores reopen after the "plumbing fixes" of course.
    It would be good to know what kind of activity surrounds these location over the next few weeks,

  2. Hopefully readers in these areas will rise to the occasion and provide some factual observations in regard to these closed stores.