April 6, 2015

A Warren Zevon State of Mind


Does anyone remember the days of real money?


Sadly, US coinage was devalued before I was born, but I remember my grandfather telling me why the old coins were better than the new ones.  He went through the 1930s Depression, and by all accounts managed somehow to avoid the worst of it.

Here is something more recent:


It is the reverse of the 1970s vintage Eisenhower Dollar Coin.  Some of you may remember these.  While they were still devalued copper/nickel-clad coins, look at the design.  Look familiar?


Yep, the symbol of the space program that put American astronauts on the moon.

How far have we gone since then?


As you see, the shit has been hitting the fan for decades now.  You're now experiencing the aftermath.

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