April 15, 2015

Walmart closures cause talk about Jade Helm conspiracies.

A few Walmarts across the country get temporarily (for the moment) closed due to plumbing problems. As a result, someone in the Patriot/3%/Prepper blogsphere tries to connect it to Jade Helm.

What do we know?

  1. Walmart is closing a few stores across the country.

  2. Their locations.

  3. The stated purpose of the closings.

  4. Plumbing repair activity looks different than repurposing a facility for military logistics or EPW/CI housing.

Is Walmart lying, and there is some other purpose for the closure of these stores?  The truth would be easy enough to find out, if people would do some research and investigating instead of regurgitating stories found on the Internet.

But meatspace requires more effort than the telescreen.

April 7, 2015

A Shopping List From Someplace

  • DTMF decoder (the standalone type – not soundcard software)

  • Lineman's test-set (butt-set)

  • Night vision gear (NVDs)

  • Police scanner usable for your area(s) of operations

  • Wide-band communications receiver (Icom, Yaesu, AOR etc.)

  • Geiger Counter

  • Camping gear

  • A cast iron dutch oven and frying pan

  • Comfortable, low-observable outdoor-type clothing

  • Pair of sturdy hiking boots, or maybe two pairs

  • Comfortable socks

  • Visqueen plastic sheeting

  • Duct tape, 550 cord, cable ties, wire, electrical tape

  • Bicycle

  • Reference library of useful books

  • A couple good knives and a multi-tool (Leatherman tools are best.)

  • The means to sharpen your knives: sharpening stones, diamond rods, etc.

  • Locksmith tools (and the necessary skills to use them)

  • A .22 rifle and maybe a pistol (and a few bricks of ammo). A Marlin Model 60 or Ruger 10/22 is probably your best rifle choice.

  • Pocket notebooks (Get them at the dollar store.)

  • Scientific calculators (not the graphing type), especially solar powered ones

  • Solar panels

  • Hand tools (and a tool box to put them in)

  • A small anvil (or substitute)

  • Dremel tool (and a good assortment of bits)

  • Parts to build small generators

  • AC inverters and deep cycle batteries

  • A good pair of binoculars

  • Topo maps of your area (paper ones)

  • CB radio (preferably SSB)

  • A pallet of late-model laptop and small form-factor desktop computers (usually salvaged from dumpsters or bought from Goodwill)

  • Linux (and other open-source) OS disks

  • Assorted electronic parts and scrounged electronic devices that you can scrounge components from (usually salvaged from dumpsters or bought from Goodwill)

  • A well-stocked medical kit

A Reader Replies - RE: DC Grid-Down

Roger that.  Roughly a year ago (4/12/2014) there was as series of stories in the media that EPA rules in place regarding coal would result in a shutdown of 20% of the existing power generating capacity.  Proposed EPA rules at that time would spell the shutdown of an additional 20%.  So as population grows and power demand grows, and roughly half the power generation capacity gone, any event that stresses the system (excessive heating or cooling demand, cyber attack) will bring the grid down.  In April 2014, Sen Murkoski noted that the due to the severe winter of 2013-2014, 89% of the coal plants scheduled for shutdown were used to provide backup and additional capacity to meet the increased demand during that period.  As if hardening the infrastructure from a cyber attack on industrial controls isn't enough of a challenge.  It's going to get ugly.

DC Grid-Down


Expect the electric power infrastructure to become less and less reliable as time goes on.  Plan and prepare accordingly.

April 6, 2015

A Warren Zevon State of Mind


Does anyone remember the days of real money?


Sadly, US coinage was devalued before I was born, but I remember my grandfather telling me why the old coins were better than the new ones.  He went through the 1930s Depression, and by all accounts managed somehow to avoid the worst of it.

Here is something more recent:


It is the reverse of the 1970s vintage Eisenhower Dollar Coin.  Some of you may remember these.  While they were still devalued copper/nickel-clad coins, look at the design.  Look familiar?


Yep, the symbol of the space program that put American astronauts on the moon.

How far have we gone since then?


As you see, the shit has been hitting the fan for decades now.  You're now experiencing the aftermath.