March 10, 2015


If you live East of the Mississippi, and particularly East of the Mississippi and North of the Mason-Dixon Line, it's time to move.  I don't care how prepared you think you are, or can get.  You have hamstrung yourself right out of the gate by living in an area with unacceptable laws and an insanely high population density.

These are the top 10 states for population density in the US.

1 New Jersey
2 Rhode Island
3 Massachusetts
4 Connecticut
5 Maryland
6 Delaware
7 New York
8 Florida
9 Pennsylvania
10 Ohio

Of those states, the only two that any prepper should remotely consider are Pennsylvania and Ohio, but they also have other issues that make them less than ideal. New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York are flat out unacceptable due to the political leanings of the majority who live there. MOVE!

Here are the 10 states with the lowest population density:

41 Utah
42 Nevada
43 Nebraska
44 Idaho
45 New Mexico
46 South Dakota
47 North Dakota
48 Montana
49 Wyoming
50 Alaska

Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming are the American Redoubt.  Speaking as a recent resident of this region, I'm gonna tell you don't move here unless you know what the hell you are doing.  It's different.  If you are from anyplace else in the country you will probably not like it here.  If you are a typical Easterner, you will not like it here. Read this excellent piece at Survivalblog. If that's not your thing, Stay on I-80 or I-90, and keep going until you reach California, Oregon, or Washington. Seriously.

Here are the 10 states that were up for consideration by the Free State Project, before the (partial) membership decided on New Hampshire:

New Hampshire
North Dakota
South Dakota

I already talked about the states in The American Redoubt.  Delaware is right off the list because of its proximity to New Jersey and Maryland. New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont might be worthy of consideration, if you can't handle moving to The Redoubt.  Their proximity to New York and Massachusetts places them with one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel, from a sociopolitical standpoint.  However, if you can't handle living West of the Mississippi in God's Country they may work out for you.

New England preppers should read this article about one such individual who decided to set his stake in the Berkshires.  Good luck!

Then you have the Appalachian Redoubt.  This would be a better choice than staying in New England for those of you who wished to stay East of the Mississippi. Much like the Western Redoubt, don't move there unless you know what the hell you are doing and have done some research. It's different down there.
"New Yorkers like to boast that if you can survive in New York, you can survive anywhere. But if you can survive anywhere, why live in New York?" --Edward Abbey

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  1. I recomend west texas as a redoubt