"Signals allow the manipulation of a process from outside its domain as well as allowing the process to manipulate itself or copies of itself (children)."

"Signal(3) - SIGQUIT - quit program"


See also https://sites.google.com/ste/sparks31commo/.

February 25, 2015

Foreign Left-Wing Newspaper Reports on "Black Site" run by Chicago PD

"But it is no secret we are a centre-left newspaper and that our readers are likely to be pro-Kerry."
- Ian Katz, Guardian Features Editor


Life in occupied territory. It's like that.

February 24, 2015

From Mosby: Aristotle Thinks You’re An Asshole


As I said on his blog,
One can start by relocating to an area where the people are generally of a similar social/political mindset, and where self-reliance and preparedness are considered a normal affair. That means getting out of places like the Northeast suburban s**thole, and moving to a place where your neighbors are less likely to call 1-800-BAD-GUNS to turn you in for a $50 prepaid debit card because they saw your NRA bumpersticker.

February 16, 2015

February 10, 2015

Words of Wisdom From Mosby

When the bell tolls for you, and you are in a gunfight, you have exactly zero control of the outcome. You have zero control over who you will be fighting. You have zero control over what training he has had. You have zero control over his speed and accuracy. You have zero control over whether he moves at the moment you break your shot, causing you to miss. You are not in control over anything that you are not in control of. Accept it. Embrace it. Accept responsibility for what you are responsible for.

February 3, 2015

A Reader Sends: For All You Mechanics

h/t Z-Man:
"Machinist's Workshop" recently published information on various penetrating oils. The magazine reports they tested these products for "break out "torque" on rusted nuts and bolts. A subjective test was made of popular penetrating oils, with the unit of merit being the torque required to remove the nut from a "scientifically rusted" bolt.  Average torque load to loosen nut:

No Oil used ........................516 foot pounds
WD-40 ..................... ........238 foot pounds
PB Blaster .........................214 foot pounds
Liquid Wrench ......................127 foot pounds
Kano Kroil .........................106 foot pounds
ATF/Acetone mix...................... 53 foot pounds

The ATF/Acetone mix is a "home brew" mix of 50/50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone. Note this "home brew" released bolts better than anycommercial product in this one particular test.
Our local machinist group mixed up a batch, and we all now use it with equally good results. Note also that Liquid Wrench is almost as good as Kroil for 20% of the price. ATF/Acetone mix is best, but you can also use ATF and lacquer thinner in a50/50 mix. ATF = Any type of Automatic Transmission Fluid. 

This version of the story was in one of the Military Vehicle Club newsletters.