November 18, 2014

The Animal Farm At Ferguson

If you look at the events in Ferguson, they follow a script that has been played out many times.  Two privileged minority groups butted heads, with the "victim" discovering that the ultimate truth comes out of a barrel at 1200 feet per second, 155 grains at a time.  The sides have been picked according to a well-known and perpetually used script.  One side believes the deceased is a victim of racism and police brutality.  The other side feels the deceased was a criminal savage and that the law enforcer acted appropriately, and quite possibly in legitimate self defense.  As always, the adherents of the former view identify as "Democrat", "Liberal", and "Progressive". Those with the latter view are "Republician" and "Conservative".

The reaction could have been predicted by anyone.  Supporters of the deceased and assorted hangers-on engaged in "peaceful protest" and "civil disobedience" that rapidly escalated into a full civil disturbance,  likely egged on by socialist/communist and "anarchist" agitators.  The "protesters" are always more than willing to crank it up a notch so they can get a new Television for free in the name of social justice. Now a jury is deciding the fate of the law enforcer by figuring out which animal in the barnyard is the more equal of the two.

Both sides are now lining up for another engagement, hinging on the majority decision of 12 random people.  Looking at the current battle map, most of the future engagements seem to be happening in "Blue Country", and more than a few in fairly affluent areas. Number of "protests" in the American Redoubt: 0.

It has been said that a prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.  I suppose that saying takes on a new meaning when it is a police officer who might become the system's latest "lunch".  With that in mind, it is very likely that the officer will get indicted, thus temporarily satisfying the the social justice forces' lust for blood.  If not, they are ready and willing to listen to their messiah and "stay the course".

Either way, it is time to observe, take notes, and learn.  Eventually some of you will find yourself on one side of that line, or the other.



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  2. If you play the game, better be prepared for the consequences. If true, the dude wasted his job for a bunch of pictures that provide very little intelligence information.

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