November 10, 2014


The fat lady has sung, and Commissar Dannel Patrick Malloy remains as the Governor of Connecticut, a state in FEMA Region 1, despite the best(?) efforts of his opposition.   The Associated Press put the final results at 528,248 (50.78%) for Malloy and 521,645 (48.24%) for Folley.  Third candidate Visconti, despite a last minute pullout, still garnered 1.06% of the votes from 11,422 voters who either failed to get the message, or just decided to protest vote.  Connecticut, as of last year, has 2,172,400 registered voters. That means 48.3% of the registered voters, a little less than half, decided to come out and vote this past Election Day.  Congratulations Connecticut,  you got to keep your old Commissar with a mandate of only 24.3% of those registered to vote; less than a quarter.

Republican political social media activists, after the usual garment rending,  have vowed to make a comeback in the next election.  However, the numbers are against them.  The number of registered Republicians in this state, according to the latest statistics, is 436,550. Compare that to 798,478 Democrats.  The remaining voters are unaffiliated, or members of a minor party, but we can guess from the last election results how many, if not most, of the "unaffilated" voted.

With Democrats outnumbering Republicans by a factor of almost 2-1, prospects in the "Constitution State" are pretty dark, especially considering the social, economic, and political factors that make this state an unwelcome place for Conservative Republicans, and attractive for welfare types.  That leaves the final peaceful action that like-minded individuals can take if they are currently located in Connecticut, get out of here.  There are plenty of places with lower taxes and higher freedom, and will welcome prepper types with open arms.

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