April 15, 2014

The (Second) Most Important Thing

Another selection from Sell Your Cloak:

The most important thing you need, besides the right mindset and skills package, is shelter. In North America it rains, snows, gets sweltering hot, and bone-chilling cold. That's our normal weather, and some places get more of it than others. You need to get out of the precipitation, keep the wind off you, and keep from getting too hot or cold. You also need a place to safely keep your kit and set up your workshop/lab. This is one of the major shortcomings with the “bug out” strategy. It doesn't place enough emphasis on having what amounts to a viable base of operations. What it comes down to is if your current residence isn't good enough to remain viable after any number of bad things happening, you need to fix matters. You either improve your existing digs, or move.

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